Tumwater and Olympia are proposing to eliminate our excellent fire departments that have served us so well for over 100 years.  We need to: 


Vote No on Prop 1

Six Things to Know

1. We will pay $10.5 million more a year for no improvement in services. The largest voted increase in the property tax bill for city services in the history of either city.

2. The charge can increase -- more than $40 million a year without another vote.

3. The increased costs fall hardest on those with the least.  That's not fair.

4. No new firefighters, fire stations or fire engines in Plan. 

5. Not regional. Lacey Fire District 3 refused to join in the RFA

6. Too Risky for the public going from FDs that work well to an RFA that will have a bumpy 3-5 years of growing pains


Don't just take our word for it, here is the RFA consultant's own assessment

"We can’t figure out how to explain that to the public that they need to pay more to get nothing different.

Source: RFA Consultant, 5/12/22 PowerPoint that reads,

 "Internal Working Draft not for public disclosure"
[Obtained via Public Records Request]


Or take the Lacey Fire District 3 letter declining to participate in the Regional Fire Authority,

"...our careful review and deliberation of the findings in the ESCI Study do not offer any apparent enhancements to service delivery or positive impacts to associated costs for our citizens and taxpayers. To the contrary, the initially published fiscal analysis and subsequent more detailed review with the consultant outline anticipated increased costs to our citizens without any clear statement regarding added value."

See letter here


Not only will this bad idea cost us more, it falls hardest on those least able to afford it -- the complete opposite of the Council's goals of social equity.

"Chair Dahlhoff asked how equity is incorporated into each option. Ms. Reed [the RFA consultant] advised that the formula is not well suited to addressing social equity..." -  September 12, 2022 Minutes of the RFA Planning Committee

You may be wondering who to believe in this healthy debate over the RFA.  The "for" side makes lots of claims without evidence about what their Plan will do and for you to just trust them.  They know you want to trust them. 

Instead of evidence and facts, they repeat a mantra -- field tested by consultants -- that the RFA is "the fairest, most stable, reliable and cost effective method" to provide fire and emergency services.  And they know that if you get enough people to repeat it enough times, the public comes to believe it even when the facts don't support it.

Incredibly, when you say you don't like what they put into the approved Plan, they say the Plan means nothing and they can change it later...to what, they don't say. But is that so?  Click here for more.

In contrast, we have the receipts -- the facts and documents using the RFAs own numbers and words that provides the evidence that this is a bad deal for our communities.  

The "for" side knows this.  And now they are trying to convince the public that the Plan they produced and the City Councils adopted and that you will be voting on this April 25 is not really what they are going to do if they win the vote.  

Are we are supposed to "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain"?

To get the sources for the statements made on this website, please write to us at SaveOurFD@gmail.com.


An RFA is wrong for Tumwater and Olympia.  Vote No. on Prop 1


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